Dr. Miraji Hossein

I was born and grown in the local village where I acquired my foundational education. Over the period, I have been admiring practical and theoretical sciences, which I am struggling since ever. Since my high school, I have mostly learning science particularly chemistry to reveal the hidden chemical secrets of the universe. In the attempt to serve the environmental to which life exists, I have specialized in environmental analytical chemistry. I have published 08 research articles, 01 book chapter and reviewed 27 research articles within 04 years in this field. It is my ambition to grow academically while disseminating knowledge and experience in order to serve and conserve the environment.


My current research interests are emerging contaminants, environmental pollution, water quality analysis, water treatment, climatic and ecological changes, environmental and analytical chemistry, forensic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and other related chemistry fields. I am ready and open to work with anyone within the globe in order to foster the science. Just remember that environmental conservation is everyone’s responsibility.